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One network for all your hotel services

Let us introduce you to the technology used by the best telecommunications companies, that has now been simplified and adapted to all private and public areas. It’s called GPOL and what makes it unique is that one single network is connected to all the services (wifi, TV systems, video surveillance, etc.) this method grants unparallel high performances and stunning cost-effectiveness.

Why choosing OFS?

  • Lower cost of devices and maintenance almost non-existent

  • Maximum data security (based on MAC address not IP) 

  • Maximum data security (based on MAC address not IP) 

Our client experience

With a unique investment, smaller than a traditional data network, the Garden Toscana Resort connects the wifi, video surveillance, videoconference, telephones, computer, internal communications, domotics and televisions all on a single platform. Saving on energy costs, maintenance and space in the future.

Garden Toscana Resort

-San Vincenzo, Livorno

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