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Open Software PMS All-In-One

Do you have expensive software that are poorly integrated
Has it ever happened that a guest booked a superior suite, but due to roomtypes overbooking, you were forced to reallocate him in a standard room?
Fully exploiting the potential of an
all-in-one, HotelConnect, without fixed costs, offers you a premium solution to manage your Hotel.
HotelConnect is a PMS, Channel Manager, booking engine, with a bank card POS system integrated, all cloud-based and also connected with Google Booking, or with every other platform you desire,
without additional cost.

Why choosing Hotel Connect?

  • All-in-one solution with a perfect integration between applications.

  • No Overbooking or room assignments mistakes. No overlapping or guest profiles duplications.

  • Perfect mapping of rates roomtypes and guest profiles

  • No limits to implement the strategy you want

Our clients experience

I love that HotelConnect is an

all-in-one solution so there's no need to get one company to handle the booking engine, one for the channel manager, one for PMS.

HotelConnect has it all

Marieke Steenman - Reservations Manager Zoo Hotel, Amsterdam

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