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Like at the restaurant, but effortless

Hotel catering is a big opportunity but also a risk. Providing quality and ensuring it 24/7 is now possible. 
Eat Like A Star provides top-level dishes, super-easy to make.

So you can offer a remarkable catering service while saving on costs.     Seeing is believing.

Why choosing Eat Like A Star?

  • Opportunity to provide a premium service with a junior staff

  • Cost of every dish around 6 to 12€

  • A disarming ease of preparation that enables you to serve your guests rapidly and even at unusual hours, when your kitchen is closed

  • It gives you the possibility to take into consideration a staff reorganization, in view of cost-cutting

  • Gourmet cuisine cooked by Italian chefs, ready to warm up and serve

  • 12 dishes available, with a preparation time of just 10 minutes

Our client experience

We are enthusiast to begin this partnership with Eat Like A Star. We believe that their products are made with excellent quality and passion

Luca Leonardi, F&B Manager FH55 Hotels

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