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Your favourite programs, just like at home

Home sweet home...Did you know that two of out three guests claim to choose an hotel which provides them the possibility to broadcast their smartphone on the room TV?

Forget the hassle of pricy memberships for streaming platform. The guest will be free to watch his favourite films and programs, at no cost.

Why choosing BeyondTV?

  • More than 80% of guests want to see their programs from their smartphone directly on the hotel TV

  • Beyond Tv ensures user-friendliness and guarantees a total respect of personal data security regulations

  • The broadcasting service makes obsolete the paid content services, like Netflix did to Blockbuster, and this also lowers your operational expenses

  • A Beyond TV installer takes care of the complete installation process of the central server and of the broadcasting sticks on the hotel TVs

  • ​Your guests will enjoy their favourite programs on online platforms such as Netflix, HBO, Youtube and Spotify

  • ​The Beyond Tv device is integrated with Alexa, so the guest can easily manage the TV and order with voice commands

Our client experience

The guests that discover this service are enthusiast to feel like being at home, sto they can continue to watch their favourite sports, films and tv-series

The Row Hotel - 1.100 rooms - New York Times Square

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